Đầu tiên Hoa Hồng

...Um...What's going on...? D-did I die? That monster ate me, didn't it...Oh, God...I hope Saya got out alright...

And why do I have a laptop? I can't afford this, so if the person who gave me this is reading, please take it back!
Actually, I can't afford the internet either... GAH! I'll go even broke-er trying to pay people back for this trial period! WHOEVER YOU ARE, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE THIS BACK! I SERIOUSLY CAN'T PAY FOR THIS! I'M SORRY!


[The screen flashes to life to show a
startled young girl in a long, lemon-coloured dress prodding the laptop.]
Gosh, what am I meant to do? I seriously don't have the money for things like this...
[She sighs and slaps herself gently in the face]
Alright, no time for this. If I'm going to be dead - or whatever, then I may as well enjoy myself. The beach is nice, anyway. Maybe I'll go for a swim, later...
[Mui finally smiles and tugs at her pigtails before reaching for her crutch and slowly lifting herself up. At this point, you may notice the distinct lack of left leg.]
Okay! Time for a walk~!

[The video feed cuts out as her crutch knocks the laptop over and sends Mui sprawling.]

Nice to meet you, smile

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Mun & Mui
I fail at life
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